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I swear I keep finding my music in the strangest places! Great short guys! The writing, production, and pacing are pretty slick even by today's standards

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Pretty Good Overall

As many have stated before, I think that my elevator music wasn't the best choice of music for this game. Try something more ambient and have little jingles at the ends, like someone screaming and fading away for a bottomless pit or something. Not bad though, and I thought the cake ending was funny.

Great Game!!

As Garghoul30 stated previously, the simplicity makes it so wonderful. Great use of my elevator music, but I think it would have been funnier if you had chosen something more light, slower, and childlike. But that's just me. Great work overall, and I think going through with a sequel would not be a bad choice.

Cool Game!

That "You win!" and "Game over!" voice is hilarious. I sense sarcasm

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\m/ This is a fantastic use of MOR (if my ears are correct). Your mixing is getting better and better. That middle section is awesome, a great balance of repetition and variation.

Ansekt responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! My whole approach to mixing is new now so the results are clearly showing its a better one. c:

This is pretty cool! I like the bassline and the high string drone that floats over everything.

The problem that stood out to me was combining the sample with the buildup and post-drop. You could have two distinctive time feels, one swung and one straight. In fact listening to the outro it kind of sounds like that's what you wanted. But if you're going to have that sampled vocoder thing in a straight-felt section, you need to quantize it to straight 8th notes so that my brain doesn't freak out hearing both straight and swung at the same time.

There are other things regarding mixing that I won't go into, but great job for trying something new! My first attempt at dubstep was a disaster. Quantum shit was flying everywhere.

Zazzy responds:

The outro was to a part I never finished and decided to drop because FOOK IT I'm a lazy bastard.

very nice!

I love all the instruments you used. How did you achieve the bit-crushed wobble?

I make things that tend to be related to acoustic vibrations.

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